The fatal click also takes bitcoiners – It’s not just on the Ethereum (ETH) network that you can get big mistakes on transaction fees . This time, it was a Bitcoin (BTC) lover who had the bitter experience.

A satoshis error that costs (very) dear

This November 18, a bitcoiner probably did not pay enough attention to their transaction on the Bitcoin Blueprint network .

Indeed, at block 657535, an unknown person paid more than 2.66 BTC in mining fees, for a transaction of less than 0.0109 BTC . In other words, this unfortunate man paid the equivalent of almost $ 47,000 in fees to transfer less than $ 195 .

Transaction fees that have calmed down on Bitcoin

The error will be all the more bitter for him as the average fees for carrying out a transaction on the Bitcoin blockchain have declined rather well since the end of October.

As can be seen from the Bitinfocharts chart below, average fees peaked at just over $ 13 on October 30 and 31.

Fortunately, they have fallen back to a slightly more reasonable average, around $ 4 , in recent days.

The expense error records remain however those established (2 days in a row) last June. An individual had then sent transactions on Ethereum by paying the incredible sum of 2.6 million dollars in ethers … and this on two occasions.