BinBot  review – and an old scam that is still going on (BEWARE)

What is BinBot

BinBotPro is a robot designed specifically to make trades on binary option. In reality, it uses different algorithms, including xProfit to allow you to pick.

You could use a variety of these robots to let them trade a variety of fundamental assets in your account, such as currency on Forex.

According to the web page, the primary aspect for BinBot Pro lies in the fact that it operates completely by autopilot. All you need to do is switch on, and the robot is said to help you increase your balance.


What is the cost of BinBot Pro cost? It’s nothing, and the program is totally free. This is strange, isn’t?

Is Binbot legit?

It’s not true, Binbotpro is not a genuine trading robot. Systems that trade and take trading decisions on behalf of their customers are subject to regulations.

This means that any automated system that’s supposed to be able to trade in financial markets using your money must be approved by the regulators. It needs to be licensed. license that is valid in each country it would like to have users in.

However, BinBot is not regulated in any way, it’s an investment company that is not licensed and is illegal in many countries. So, it is not legal.

The confirmation was provided by Spanish Financial regulator Comission Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV) that banned BinBot Pro.

It is the BinBot Pro scam

The reality is BinBot Pro is a total fraud. This app does not make money but is losing money on trading. It’s been in use for many years, and actual users have proven that the program is an abyss through which money goes missing.

BinBot Pro is promoted by notorious scammers like Christian Argueta (Christian AP) and his BLW Online Trading. They’ve been pushing investments scams for a long time. Their support for anything is a major warning.

Fake BinBot Pro reviews

People such as Argueta (AP) make up many fake reviews for BinBot Pro. They show only the winning trading sessions, but they manipulate the trading results and don’t give you the whole image.

BinBot Pro is losing money over the long term. One or two winning trades won’t alter the fact. You should not trust all of the reviews that are posted on YouTube or other social media sites.

Cloned scam

False reviewers claim the BinBot Pro is a unique piece of software, with amazing algorithms that could earn you lots of money. However, nothing could be further than the fact.

BinBot Pro uses a generic fake software that does not have any particular feature or benefit that is unique to it. Take a look at the photo below to be able to see an example of a different scam known as Centobot which runs on the exact software. It also uses the same algorithms as xProfit and USv2, Strong USv2, Rising East etc.

This program is fake It is fake Demo trades (more on it in the future) as well as statistics and all other things.

Fake awards

We probably don’t have to inform you about this however, in case you didn’t notice the official site of BinBot Pro displays some fake awards.

BinBot Pro has not and could not win any awards since it’s a fraud. These awards are so obvious false that the only thing you have to do is to do is look them up and you’ll know what’s going on.

How does BinBot Pro work? BinBot Pro works

BinBotPro is a very shady fraud. There are numerous fake reviews on the web that try to fool you into believing that the software is a good investment.

When you sign-up to sign up for BinBot Pro, you will have access to the trial version of the program. If you use the demo, you’ll observe it making money. However, the results of trading are fake.

This is due to the fact that Binbot Pro demo Binbot Pro demo uses fake prices, and is therefore fraudulent. The results of the demo cannot be replicated on real trading.

It’s a shame that this is something that only experienced individuals will be able to recognize when they are ready, as it will require a comparison with unrelated price data.

If you do fall into the trap of believing you can trust BinBot Pro can make you money, you’ll want to allow it to operate in its real-time mode. If you do, you’ll discover that you are not able to pick your broker, and you must choose one of the firms dictated by BinBot Pro.

The brokers that are available on the app aren’t regulated and as shady as they come. What you can expect from these brokers is complete loss of your investment capital, and absolutely no assistance.

The fraudsters who operate BinBot Pro are affiliated with these brokers that are not licensed, and they receive money for sending their customers new depositing customers that are trading and then lose everything. This is how the scam scheme operates.

It was created with one goal in mind, to get you to send funds to fraudulent firm where it is likely to be lost. It’s that simple There is nothing more to it.

All the positive things they say regarding BinBot Pro are just fairy stories that will convince you to pay them money to make money for themselves. This is the way it works.

The truth is BinBot Pro is losing money. No matter the settings you choose to use even the most reputed top settings are not real. Scammers who control it blame your losses on your settings but there’s no settings that can generate profits for this robot since it’s an enigma!

Have you lost money using BinBot Pro? Do this

If you read our review to be outdated and you’ve already lost money using BinBot Pro, you can attempt to retrieve it. There is no guarantee but there are a few possibilities for how it could work.

  1. Keep track of the broker you gave funds to.
  2. Contact the broker to request the broker to refund. You claim that you were duped through BinBot Pro. Let the broker know that you’re prepared to request your bank to issue the chargeback of your account transaction(s).
  3. If the broker is unable to return your deposit, you should contact your bank to request the chargeback of the deposit transaction. In the event that you made the deposit using a debit or credit card to deposit the money.
  4. If you have made the deposit via bank wire, it’ll be extremely difficult to obtain the money back. However, you can inquire with your bank on how to resolve the issue.
  5. Inform BinBot Pro and the broker who cheated you to the authorities.

If you have signed up for BinBot Pro, they unfortunately have your personal data. This means that you will receive unwanted calls from a variety of scam brokers, offering investment deals. Block them outright and don’t give them any money.

If you made the deposit using a credit or debit card, you may want to think about purchasing a new card to ensure that it doesn’t get misused.

BinBot Pro review – the final

BinBot Pro is a scam that is promoted by numerous fake reviews written by scammers who operate the program. You could lose money to shady organizations. Avoid it!

If you’re interested in trading on financials then you should start with the demo account that is free with a broker that is regulated. You’ll be able to see how things work and you’ll be able to test everything with virtual cash in a safe trading environment.

Do not forget that prior to investing in real cash you must be aware of the dangers and employ an organized strategy.