The euphoria that has surrounded the cryptocurrency markets since December is palpable. The volume of Bitcoin exchange has thus doubled, while the largest cryptocurrency has authorized a breakthrough above 40,000 dollars … Bitcoin trading volume (BTC) at the highest The news was shared by Mati Greenspan, analyst and founder of Quantum Economics. He explains that

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The fatal click also takes bitcoiners – It’s not just on the Ethereum (ETH) network that you can get big mistakes on transaction fees . This time, it was a Bitcoin (BTC) lover who had the bitter experience. A satoshis error that costs (very) dear This November 18, a bitcoiner probably did not pay enough

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Bitcoin and gold bars are more similar than expected. You can use them to protect your savings from inflation. Is Bitcoin better than gold? – Anyone who has been active in the crypto space for a long time will answer this question with yes. Connoisseurs of the crypto currency know the advantages of Bitcoin over

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A new challenger for Ethereum – Initially involved in the development of Ethereum, CasperLabs chose to change direction in March 2020, by creating its own blockchain. A few months before the launch, the company has just raised $ 14 million during the private sale of its Bitcoin Profit token. CasperLabs, an alternative to Ethereum Originally

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With bitcoin (BTC), in principle you no longer need a bank. You can store your money yourself, make your own transactions and check your money yourself. According to Mark Yusko, director of Morgan Creek Capital, it is only a matter of time before banks disappear. Yusko has a subsidiary with Morgan Creek Digital where he

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Bitcoins pris har stagnerat de senaste veckorna inom ett snävt intervall. Trots denna prisåtgärd förstärks fundamentet för kryptovalutan snabbt. Investerare i Bitcoin fick ett uppsving just nyligen när Internationella valutafonden krävde ett nytt Bretton Woods-ögonblick. Bretton Woods var avtalet 1944 som integrerade guldstandarden och implementerade en monetär världsordning. Analytiker tror att denna uppmaning till ”ytterligare”

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Bankhaus Hauck & Aufhäuser founds an investment company for digital assets. Hauck & Aufhäuser enters crypto terrain Like from a press releaseit emerges that the Frankfurt-based private bank, together with Hauck & Aufhäuser Innovative Capital (HAIC), is founding an investment company for digital assets on German soil. The bank has already received the relevant license

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Comment Ethereum est devenu la principale solution de couche 2 de Bitcoin 11,1 milliards de dollars de valeur bloquée Le Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC), la version ERC20 la plus populaire de la plus grande cryptocarte du monde, a franchi une étape importante, dépassant 1 milliard de dollars en valeur totale, selon les données de Skew. Bitcoin

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Et vanlig argument brukt av Bitcoin-talsmenn for å rettferdiggjøre Bitcoins levedyktighet over gull, er at den digitale eiendelen lett kan transporteres sammenlignet med edle metaller som gull og sølv. Bitcoins overlegne bærbarhet ble nylig gjentatt i tilfellet med en tsjekkisk familie som ble tiltalt for å prøve å smugle 665 kg gull og sølv gjennom

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