• TrueUSD market cap has been increasing, which could be a sign that Bitcoin’s price will soon increase.
• Bitcoin’s NVT Signal reached a one-month low, indicating that the coin is being priced at a discount.
• Whales have already started accumulating BTC, suggesting they expect the price to surge in the near future.

TrueUSD Market Cap on the Rise

TrueUSD’s market capitalization has been increasing of late, which historically was followed by hikes in BTC’s prices. Metrics also pointed to a possible market bottom. At press time, Bitcoin was trading at $26,090.91 with a market capitalization of over $507 billion.

Low NVT Signal Indicates Possible Market Bottom

Glassnode’s data revealed that BTC’s NVT Signal just reached a 1-month low of 1,292.206 – indicating that investors were pricing Bitcoin at a discount and suggesting that this could be an ideal time to accumulate Bitcoin.

Whales Start Accumulating BTC

Addresses holding between 10 and 10,000 BTC began adding about 11,629 coins to their existing holdings – suggesting that whales anticipate an impending surge in Bitcoin’s price in the near future.

Historical Trend Suggesting Increase In Price

There have been several instances where TUSD’s market cap has risen and subsequently caused an increase in BTC’s price as well (in January, March & July). This trend could repeat itself and cause an increase in Bitcoin’s price soon too.


Although investors remain bearish on the current state of the crypto markets due to recent price corrections in Bitcoin’s value – all signs point towards a potential exit from this bearish trend soon due to increasing TUSD market cap and decreasing NVT signal values along with whale accumulation activities – suggesting an upcoming surge in Bitcoin prices soon enough!