• Enjinstarter, a leading IDO launchpad announced that its stable of AI-powered Web3 projects has earned investors an average ROI of 142.4% YTD in 2023.
• This puts Enjinstarter firmly in the top 3 of IDO providers worldwide, according to industry-leading ranking service, CryptoRank.
• 8 out of the 13 IDOs conducted by Enjinstarter this year leverage the power of AI technology.

AI-Powered Web3 Projects Provide Big Returns for Investors

Enjinstarter, a leading initial DEX offering (IDO) launchpad, has announced that its stable of AI-powered Web3 projects have earned investors an average return on investment (ROI) of 142.4% year to date in 2023. This impressive result has placed Enjinstarter among the top 3 IDO providers worldwide as ranked by industry leader CryptoRank.

Successful Q1 Sets Precedent for Q2

The success seen this quarter builds upon a successful first quarter where Enjinstarter was ranked as the top performing launchpad by TokenHunter with an average ROI of 538.49%. Prakash Somosundram, co-founder and CEO of Enjinstarter commented that their number one goal is to deliver maximum value to their IDO participants through conducting an exhaustive study which helps bring token holders carefully curated selections of projects set to revolutionize the industry.

2023: The Year Of AI

The continued evolution of OpenAI’s GPT algorithm has led to a proliferation in generative AI-powered apps and solutions in 2023, out of which 8 are currently being launched through Enjinstarter’s platform. These include ChainGPT – infrastructure enabling future potential with web3 innovation; Orbofi AI – advanced platform for creating content and fine-tuned models; Eldarune – AI RPG with PvE and PvP modes; Cogito Protocol – decentralized tracercoin called GCOIN; KAIF Platform – decentralized society platform; HyperGPT – web3 marketplace; DexCheck – analytics for crypto trading; and SophiaVerse – advanced artificial general intelligence initiative revolutionizing gaming and more with AI technology. Of these launches ChainGPT is currently reporting highest returns at 704% ROI at time writing according to CryptoRank data while SophiaVerse is close behind at 602%.

Continued Expansion Planned

Building on its current successes, Enjinstarter plans to introduce two additional platforms: An INO platform designed to connect utility driven NFT projects with investors and another platform tailored towards Web3 climate startups raising funds from impact investors respectively..


Participants investing through EnjinStarters IDO launchpad have seen tremendous returns so far this year due mainly to early adoption and savvy investments into powerful generative AI powered web 3 projects such as ChainGPT , OrbofiAI , Eldarune , CogitoProtocol , KAIFPlatform , HyperGPT , DexCheck & SophiaVerse . With continued expansion planned, it appears that investments here will continue yielding positive returns well into future quarters.