The advertising market is primarily controlled by two data octopuses: Google and Facebook. Fractal wants to break this duopoly and relies on the technology of Polkadot. We got an exclusive look at the draft whitepaper due for release on February 4th. Fractal wants to revolutionize the internet – specifically: the advertising business on the web […]

För första gången på ett tag nådde BTC en ny ATH på en vardag. Pumpen som drev BTC till en ny heltidshöjd igår kunde spåras till ett litet marknadsdopp på måndag. BTC tillbaka till $ 34 000 När Bitcoin sjönk med 8% samlades handlare marknaden och på kort tid pressade BTC tillbaka till $ 34

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The euphoria that has surrounded the cryptocurrency markets since December is palpable. The volume of Bitcoin exchange has thus doubled, while the largest cryptocurrency has authorized a breakthrough above 40,000 dollars … Bitcoin trading volume (BTC) at the highest The news was shared by Mati Greenspan, analyst and founder of Quantum Economics. He explains that

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Secondo uno studio pubblicato dalla società di analisi delle catene di blocco Elliptic, oltre il 13% di tutti i proventi di reato in bitcoin (BTC) sono stati riciclati nel 2020 attraverso i portafogli privacy, in aumento rispetto al 2% registrato nel 2019. Il 13% di tutti i proventi di reato che sfruttano BTC sono stati

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Those who do not declare will be subject to penalties, including fines, according to the website. The US Financial Crimes Fight Network (FinCEN) continues to impose new rules on users of cryptomotes and wants to force digital asset owners to report whether they have more than $10,000 in cryptomotes on foreign platforms. According to Coindesk,

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The fatal click also takes bitcoiners – It’s not just on the Ethereum (ETH) network that you can get big mistakes on transaction fees . This time, it was a Bitcoin (BTC) lover who had the bitter experience. A satoshis error that costs (very) dear This November 18, a bitcoiner probably did not pay enough

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Bitcoin and gold bars are more similar than expected. You can use them to protect your savings from inflation. Is Bitcoin better than gold? – Anyone who has been active in the crypto space for a long time will answer this question with yes. Connoisseurs of the crypto currency know the advantages of Bitcoin over

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Der Glücksspielbetreiber Genting Hong Kong hat gerade angekündigt, den Verkauf von Aktien wieder aufzunehmen, nachdem der Handel am 5. März eingestellt wurde. Das Unternehmen wird Anteile an Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. , einem in Florida ansässigen Kreuzfahrtschiffbetreiber , verkaufen und voraussichtlich eine Nettogewinn von nicht weniger als 218,2 Mio. USD. Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings

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A new challenger for Ethereum – Initially involved in the development of Ethereum, CasperLabs chose to change direction in March 2020, by creating its own blockchain. A few months before the launch, the company has just raised $ 14 million during the private sale of its Bitcoin Profit token. CasperLabs, an alternative to Ethereum Originally

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